Popular Destinations in Busan

Busan is the second largest city behind Seoul in South Korea. The city is famous for beautiful beaches, fish markets and natural scenery.
Based on Funko’s experience, we are including a list of the top destinations in Busan loved by our Funko Customers. We sincerely hope this list will make your itinerary planning much easier and your time in Busan more enjoyable!

☆ Taejongdae Park

☆ Dalmaji Hill

☆ Haeundae Beach

☆ Gwangalli Beach /  Gwangan Bridge

☆ Songdo Skywalk

☆ Oryukdo Island

☆ Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

☆ Gamcheon Culture Village

☆ Gukje Market / Jagalchi Market

☆ Dongbaekseom / Nurimaru APEC House

Map of Busan Tourist Attractions


Travelling time by car, assuming smooth traffic conditions:

Busan Train station → Haeundae beach : 1 hr
Gukje Market(Nampodong) → Haeundae beach : 1 hrs
Gukje Market(Nampodong) → Haedong Yonggungsa temple : 1.5 hrs
Gukje Market(Nampodong) → Taejongdae Park : 30 min.
Gukje Market(Nampodong) → Jagalchi Market : 10 min.
Gukje Market(Nampodong) → Gwanganli beach : 40 min.

Sample Itineraries: A Day at Busan for Private Van Hires

These sample itineraries have been tried and tested either by Funko or Funko’s customers.

*Travel times are estimated based on perfect road conditions.
*Note that Morning Rush Traffic in Busan is from 8am – 9.30am and Evening Rush Traffic is from 6pm – 8pm.

Taejongdae Park – Gwangalli Beach – Centum City

08:00 Busan Train Station
09:00 Taejongdae Park
10:30 Taejongdae Park ==> Yonggungsa Temple
11:10 Yonggungsa Temple
12:30 Leave for Lunch
14:00 Lunch Place ==> Gwangan Bridge
14:50 Gwangalli beach (Gwangan Bridge)
15:30 Gwangalli beach ==> Centum city
16:00 Shinsegae Department Store(Centum city)
17:30 Shinsegae Department Store ==> Busan Station
18:00 Busan Train Station

Yonggungsa Temple – Dalmaji Hill- Gamchyeon Culrue Village – Jagalchi Market

08:30 Busan International Cruise Terminal
09:30 Yonggungsa Temple
11:00 Yonggungsa Temple >>>Gamcheon Culture Village
(Pass by Dalmaji Hill, Have Lunch)
14:00 Gamcheon Culture Village
16:00 Gamcheon Culture Village >>> Jagalchi & Gukje Market
16:30 Jagalchi & Gukje Market
17:30 Jagalchi & Gukje Market >>> Busan International Cruise Terminal
18:00 Busan International Cruise Terminal

Gwangan Bridge – Haeundae(Marine City & Centum City) – Dalmaji Hill – Songjeong Beach – Haedong yonggungsa Temple

08:00 Busan Train Station
08:30 Gwangan Bridge
10:00 Gwangan Bridge >>> Marine City, Centum City
10:20 Marine City, Centum City
==Lunch Time==
13:00 Centum City >>>Dalmaji Hill
13:15 Dalmaji Hill
13:45 Dalmaji Hill >>>Songjeong Beach
14:00 Songjeong Beach
15:30 Songjeong Beach >>> Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
16:00 Haedong yonggungsa Temple
18:00 Haedong yonggungsa Temple >>> Busan Station
19:00 Busan Train Station

Yonggungsa Temple – Haeundae Beach – Aquarium -Dongbaekseom – Orykdo Island

08:00 Busan Station
09:30 Yonggungsa Temple
12:00 Yonggungsa Temple >>>Haeundae Beach
12:30 Haeundae Beach & Aquarium (Lunch at Haeundae area)
15:00 Aquarium >>> Dongbaekseom(& Nurimaru)
15:30 Dongbaekseom
16:30 Dongbaekseom>>> Oryukdo Island
17:00 Oryukdo Island (Skywalk – Closed at 6pm)

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