Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring

Visit Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring, a must-go place in Jeju Island! You will surely have a great time there after an exhausting day at the Sanbangsan ferry tour!

Sanbangsan Mountain

Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring is the first public hot spring in Jeju, at the same time being a very rare carbonated hot spring. In front of the place stretches out an artistic scenery of Sanbangsan.

Jeju Sanbangsan Mountain Building

It is a beautiful experience to look at Sanbangsan and the blue ocean while breathing in the sea breeze after coming out from the hot spring.

The hot spring is situated in the center of three islands (Marado, Gapodo, and Hyeongjedo), and five mountains (Hallasan, Sanbangsan, Gunsan, Songaksan, and Dansan).

Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Springs Schedule Jeju Sanbangsan Mountain Building

Operating Hours

Indoor Hot Springs 06:00-24:00

Korean Sauna (Jjiimjilbang) 24 hours

Open-air bath 11:00-23:00


Admission Fees

Adults 12,000 won —> 9,000 won (discounted price)

Youths 9,000 won —> 8,000 won (discounted price)

Child 6,000 won —> 5,800 won (discounted price)

Infant 4,000 won —> FREE (if you book through Indiway)


Open-air Bath 3,000 won

Korean Sauna (Jjimjilbang) 1,000 won

Swimming Suit Rental 2,000 won

➡ You can book a discount ticket at Jeju Hot Spring Discount Ticket.


Jeju-do Sanbangsan Carbonated Hot Spring Notices

Moutain Hot Spring Ticket Counter Jeju Moutain Hot Spring Ticket Counter

We booked our tickets online in advance, and paid for Korean Sauna clothes separately on the spot. Children do not have to pay for the clothes if you bring their clothes along.

Locker Area

We were washing ourselves first at the public bath, and the carbon effect was very interesting! I could feel the carbon effect bubbling up my skin.

Sauna Direction Common Area

Next, we headed to the sauna (Jjimjilbang) after changing into our sauna clothes. The sauna was not that huge, but it was a perfect place to get some rest ????

Food Menu Sitting Area

On the first floor, there is a resting place and a restaurant! We had our dinner here after the open-air bath ????


We ordered pork cutlet and hot stone pot bibimbap. They even made us a fried egg for our baby!

Jeju Black Pork Cutlet 9,000 won

Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap 8,000 won

Mountain Hot Spring OutdoorSauna Door

Hot Spring Facilities

Next to the restaurant is an indoor sauna, and on the second floor, you can find a sleeping room and a massage chair. Also, there’s a terrace from which you can enjoy the view of the open-air bath and Sanbangsan!

Outdoor Notice Outdoor Hot Spring

You can find the open-air bath if you enter the indoor hot springs, and use the righthand stairs of the unheated tub.

The open-air bath is a mixed bath, so you have to wear a swimming suit or a t-shirt when you’re using the bath ????

Outdoor Hot Spring

When you go inside the bath, the mineral water create bubbles around you!

Outdoor Hot Spring Sun Bed

There are sun beds at the outdoor area called “red clay sauna” where you can rest. I was lying on one of the beds before going into the bath ????

Hot Spring Moon View

It felt as though I were in a different country, lying down on the sun bed!

Tropical trees were spreading their leaves and the moon was floating on a bright sky! They say this is a common scenery around here.

Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring

What’s Special about Sanbangsan

95% of the Korean hot springs are simple springs or sulfur springs. Sanbangsan mountain hot spring on the other hand is known to be the most carbon-free hot spring that is filled with bicarbonate ion and sodium ingredients in Korea~!!

Pool Side

Even in Germany, many doctors prescribe spa treatment to cure chronic skin disorder or cardiovascular disorder.

Sanbangsan mountain hot spring is also referred to as “Gumyeongsoo”, derived from the fact that the water sounds like pigeons cooing, and meaning, “the water that saved people”. It is known as a legendary spring that cure those who drink this water!

Outdoor Hot Spring

In fact, I could feel my skin getting softer after coming out from the carbonated hot spring!

Hot Spring outdoor Outdoir hot Spring 2

It is also known to be effective at remedying high blood pressure, peripheral circulation disorders, rheumatism and other adult diseases, as well as revitalizing skin and skin care.

Hot Springs Indoor Food

When you want to recover from fatigue after traveling around Jeju, and when you’d like to experience the distinctive beauty of carbonated hot spring, we highly recommend you to visit this place!

Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring

Location –192, Sagyebuk-ro 41beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Telephone– (+82) 64-792-8300