A nice place to visit on a glorious day of spring:  Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Today, I’d like to share my experience on visiting Yeomiji Botanical Garden located in JejuJungmun Tourism Complex, which is a great place to visit on Spring days!

Botanical Garden Board

Yeomiji Botanical Garden is famous for its artistic and original design.

It is a botanical garden in the open air, so it would be nice to visit here on a sunny day!

Many different attraction sites are located next to the garden as well, including Believe or Not Museum, Play K-POP, and Teddy Bear Museum!

Ticket Office

Also, luxurious hotels such as Kensington Jeju Hotel, Shilla Hotel, and Lotte Hotel are walking distance from the garden.

Operating Hours

Open All Year Round 09:00-18:00

The expected time required for viewing: 1hr 20mins


Admission Fee

Adult ₩ 9,000

Youth /Military /Police ₩ 6,000

Children ₩ 5,000




Yeomiji Botanical Garden has two facilities:

An open-air botanical garden and an enclosed botanical garden!

In the open-air garden, you can see the type of gardens from different countries including Korea, Japan, Italy, France, and many more.

Also, you can see all kinds of indoor garden plants inside the enclosed botanical garden!

We can appreciate nature to the fullest on a very fine day 😀

Botanical Garden Exterior

Yeomiji Botanical Garden is very huge. It stretches out on an area of 35,000 pyeong, (The enclosed garden covers an area of 3,794 pyeong) having 2,300 different species of plants~

Botanical Garden Train

There is no way people like us (who have no enough stamina) can walk around the whole place, so we hopped on the sight-seeing train. The one you can see in the picture above!

It is ₩500 for children, and ₩1,000 for people over 13 years old!

You can get on the train after buying the ticket.

Botanical Garden Standee   Botanical Garden Machine

You can listen to the guide explaining about the garden’s vicinity, and enjoy the view comfortably while on the train 😀

Botanical Garden Train

We took a turn with the train, then revisited specific places, we wanted to have a close look at!

If you do so, you can spend less stamina, and better appreciate the beauty of nature and the places you wanted to visit!

Botanical Garden Exterior   Herbs Garden

As I mentioned above, there are many gardens of different themes in the open-air garden.

There’s a perennial herb garden covered with seasonal perennials. There’s also an area for endangered species, and a fragrant herb garden…….

Garden Flowers

You can enjoy distinctive sceneries such as cherry blossoms road of April, or special gardens of different countries, which you can barely see in other botanical gardens.

French Garden Sign  Herbs Garden

This French garden was especially beautiful, that it is still engraved in my memory.

Beautifully decorated trails and flowers warmed up my heart. As if I was standing in the middle of an actual rural garden in France <3

Jeju Botanical Garden  Garden Fountain

We could see many children, families, and seniors visiting the garden.  They all seemed to be overflowing with happiness~

I must have looked the same too!:D

Enclosed Garden

Our next stop was the enclosed garden!

The enclosed garden consists of many different areas, where species of plants differ from one another depending on their habitats.

Botanical Garden Cactus   Jeju Garden

There is a mysterious vertical garden. This garden is made out of basalt, tropical flower garden, garden of water plants, ponds, and a succulent plant garden.  A tropical garden where you can feel natural ecosystem of jungles. And finally, a tropical orchard where you can meet distinctive tropical fruits!

jeju Yemoji Botanical Garden

Also, take the elevator, go up stairs for a while, and you will see the observatory placed on the top of the building!

Photo Wall

On the way upstairs, many photos are posted on the wall~

Ta-da! This is the roof garden!

Garden Top View

It was still in early April therefore, we could feel a bit of heat up here 😀


Telescope View

This is the view from the top!

We could see everything from here! From distinctive-looking buildings to the ocean of Jeju in the distance.

Telescope   Telescope 2

By using the telescope, you can enjoy the view of Hallasan Mountain, Marado Island, and Seogwipo Beomseom Island 😀

Cafeteria Ice Cream

Also, there is a cafeteria inside, so we bought a beaded ice cream and of course we finished it all~

You can see various kinds of souvenirs here as well!

Cactus Garden

If you would like to appreciate Jeju’s nature in a fine day of spring, why don’t you try visiting Jeju Jungmun Yeomiji Botanical Garden?

Hope you enjoy the spring of Jeju comfortably by looking around the garden on the train, revisiting some of your favorite places and also appreciating Jeju’s natural beauty on the garden’s observatory~


Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Location – 93, Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-shi, Jeju

Telephone: +83-64-735-1100

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