Engrave Jeju on your memory, Seogwipo Sanbangsan Cruise Tour

Sanbangsan Cruise Tour

Visit Jeju, and you should definitely enjoy the ocean view on a boat, so we went on a JejuSangangsan cruise tour!

Jeju Sanbangsan Cruise Tour

Sanbangsan cruise is an hour-long cruise that sails along the coastline of the 10 JejuOlle trails near Sanbangsan and Yongmeori (Dragon Head) beach~ (which are designated as UNESCO Global Geo Park)

This is the charm you’ll get when you see Jeju’s ocean view  😀

Ticket Office

We first went to the cruise ticket office near Sanbangsan, located in Seogwipo!

Cruise Ship Schedule

Operating Hours

1st tour: 11:00-12:00

2nd tour: 14:10-15:10

3rd tour: 15:20-16:20

* Every passenger has to bring their identification card and an embarkation card.

Boarding Fee

Adult ₩ 17,500

Youth ₩ 12,000

Children ₩ 10,000

Infants ₩ 8,000

Seniors ₩ 16,000




Form Filling Area

In order to get on board, you have to bring your identification card, and fill out an embarkation card.

Also, please keep in mind that if you booked a ticket online, you have to pay for the Maritime Park admission fee and terminal fee separate Lyon the spot~

Sanbangsan Cruise ship  Cruise Tickets

After buying a ticket, we went to the boarding place on time!You can just follow the people near you ;D

We ate some snacks at the cafeteria before leaving J

Building Door

Mrs. Eun and Taeeun going to get on board! It’s blustery, so I recommend you to bring an extra jacket if you’re planning a cruise tour with your children~

Queue To Board The Ship   Jeju Sanbangsan Cruise

I guess the weather would be much better these days! The sea breeze was pretty cold when we visited the place in early April.

People were lining up like this to get on the cruise!

There were more seniors and families than youth, and this is how the cruise looks like when we were getting on board.

Ship Interior  Cruise Interior

Inside the cruise, there is a cafeteria, and you can also enjoy the view from the sofas placed near the windows, or you can just go outside!

But always keep in mind that it is really windy outside 😀

Ship Exterior

This is how the cruise looks from the outside!

The letters “Sanbangsan Cruise” is written on the top of it.

Sanbangsan Cruise Tour

Tour Course Highlights:

Hwasun-hang >Hwasun Sand Beach >Sogeummak>Hangmandae Cliffs

>Sanbangsan>Yongmeori>Jeju Hamel Ship >Hyeongjeseom(Brother) Islands

>Jinji Cave >Jeoluli>Jusangjeolli>Metdwaeji (Boar) Rock >Gapado Island, Marado Island

>Dukkeobi (Toad) Rock >Chotdaebawi (candlestick) Rock >Gunsan Mountain, Hallasan Mountain

>Geobuki (Turtle) Rock) >Yongmeori Beach >Hwasun-hang

Ship Karaoke

The captain who was operating the cruise, gave the passengers a humorous tour guide! He had a skill at talking, indeed XD

Ship Photo  Cruise Ship photo

Can you see my hair flying around in the air? There was really a strong wind 😀

Also, if you’re standing at the front of the cruise, the water might splash on you, so be careful~

Jeju Ship Photo  Ship Photo

We eventually sat down like this with our messy hair XD

Sitting in front, we could easily go outside and actually hear captain’s guide well.

Jeju Sanbangsan Cruise Tour

This is Hyeongjeseom (Brother) Islands!

The name was derived from how it looks: there’s a big and small island facing each other just like brothers!

It is known as one of the best places to take pictures during sunrise and sunsets 😀

Fun Photo   Ship Cruise Photo

Mrs. Eun, Director Hwang, and Taeeun are enthusiastically appreciating the view!

Don’t forget to hold hands with your children on board!

Auties Dancing

Also, there will be a time wherein passengers should come inside the cruise and join the exciting dance time, for the cruise is passing near dangerous places!

All the passengers were enjoying the dancing time very much~

Cruise Pic  Mask Dance

Also, at the end of the course, everyone was told to sit down, and we enjoyed a performance!

It was a performance from a Chinese, and kids loved it so much!! 😀

Ship Cruise Pic

Before getting off the ship, we sat down on the floor and enjoyed our last moment 😀

In fact, you can see the view best from the floor~

Cruise Pic   Ship Cruise Pic

Sanbangsan Cruise Tour is a perfect choice for people who wants to enjoy JejuSanbangsan as well as beautiful beaches in the south!

After the tour, we directly went to enjoy Sanbangsan Carbonated Hot Spring 😀

We really had a great time~ I strongly recommend this cruise tour -> hot spring course!


Sanbangsan Cruise

Location : 16, 106-beongil, Hwasunhaean-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-shi, Jeju

Telephone : +83-1599-1567