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Recommendable spot in Hongdae 😀

Kakao Friends Concept Museum



Hello! This is Woo 🙂

This is a review of visiting Kakao Friends Concept Museum that has just opened on 17th of December :3

My love Kakao Friends <3

They say the museum has opened to share many stories about Kakao Friends and to get close to customers.

I’ll introduce the museum right away!

I took thousands of pictures to post on the blog 🙂

(Taking pictures is allowed inside the museum)

# Location of the Museum, How to get there


Kakao Museum is located right next to Hongdae Kakao Friends store!

It’s a 2 minute-walk from exit No.8 at Hongik University Station 🙂

Map by Google



You can enter the museum by going downstairs like this.

But WAIT !!!!!!!!


Admission is only available for the ones who booked online^^

Probably it’s to help people enjoy the exhibition in a pleasant condition.

Opening / Closing Hours

Mon – Sun : 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Wed – Fri : 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. (extended opening)

Entrance closed 30 minutes before the closing hour.


Admission Fee

Adult 3000 won / Student 2000 won / Children 1000 won

How to Book Online

Credit card :

PayPal or Bank Trasfer ➡

Choose the date and time of your visit on the webpage above, then you can pay for the ticket.

You can exchange your online tickets to paper tickets at the ticket box outside.


My friend and I successfully booked tickets for the open day (12/17) 6 p.m.!

We went there around 5:45 and asked if we should wait until 6, but they said we could enter right away 😀

The original admission fee was 7000 won, but we got a Kakao message later that the price was lowered to 3000 won so they would give us a refund on the site.


Riding down the escalator, we arrived at Kakao Friends Concept Museum!!!!!!!!

They told us bringing food or taking videos is not allowed, but we could take photos freely  😆

7-copy 8-copy 9-copy 10-copy

Taking photos with my friend, we went to exchange our online tickets to paper tickets 🙂


Kakao Museum indeed!!

It was decorated with Kakao Friends in every corner of the museum <3

We loved it so much even before exchanging our tickets.

12-copy 13-copy 14-copy

As I mentioned above, the original admission fee was 7000 won, but the fee was lowered to 3000 won, so we got the refund at the site.

At the end of the exhibition, it is directly connected to the museum store. You can get a discount up to the price you paid for the ticket in the store!


And you can use an audio guide by downloading ‘Guide on’ application in the smartphone App Store.

It would be a great idea to visit with your foreign friends too!!!

Free wi-fi is available in the exhibition 🙂


Our tickets!

Let’s go <3

# Looking around Kakao Friends Concept Museum


We could see this EMOJI WALL as soon as we entered.


Each Kakao Friends Emoticon is aligned, making a giant wall !!


Like this !!!!

Isn’t this so amazing? <3

You should definitely take a photo here 🙂


And moving further inside, there was a cute video of Kakao Friends having a meeting on the Concept Museum!

21-copy 22-copy 23-copy 24-copy 25-copy

The kakao friends story

Ryan, Muzi, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, Con and Jay-G

This is the place where introduction, pictures, figures, etc. related to these 8 friends are exhibited.

26-copy 27-copy 28-copy 29-copy 30-copy 31-copy 32-copy 33-copy

These are introduction of the characters, figures, and illustrations of their childhood and daily lives..:D

It was new that there were so many pictures I’ve never seen before 🙂

It was the place where we could get closer to our favorite, Kakao Friends!


You can share Kakao Friends’ secret here,

Unknown story


We could see the initial stage of Kakao Friends and sketches from the time when Kakao Friends Emoticons were being produced *.*

I enjoyed this place the most personally 🙂

36-copy 37-copy 38-copy 39-copy 40-copy

Initial Kakaotalk Characters look very different from current ones!

We listened to the characters’ development process, and they said Frodo, Neo, Muzi, and Tube were created by choosing and personifying common & favorable animals.

Later on, Apeach, Con, and Ryan were added, so that more people could empathize with and enjoy Kakao Friends :3


Kakaotalk Emoticons are my boyfriend’s favorite…T-T

Is it just me who empathizes with the characters whenever you’re sending an emoticon?

It was so fun to watch the production process of the emoticons!!!!!!!!!!

42-copy 43-copy

There were emoticons that were chosen as the final ones,

But!! The ones that were not chosen were also so cute T.T

44-copy 45-copy

You can see distinctive characteristics of each character.

Their individuality is also shown in their moves 🙂

You can see each Kakao Friend’s actions that are full of individuality.


When you spin it, and hole your eyes close to the hole, you can see moving Kakao Friends!

Each character has a different story, so it was full of excitement to watch them one by one 🙂

47-copy 48-copy 49-copy

Concept Sketches

Kakao Friends’ actions, daily lives, where they live, etc…

We could see many sketches about their lives.


And this place—You can have fun peeking into a hole!

51-copy 52-copy

My friend and I said the last picture of Neo looked just like us during our high school years lol T.T

53-copy 54-copy

Little Friends

You can enjoy the childhood of Kakao Friends!

Wow, childhood… *.*

You can see their cute faces that were not opened to the public before >_<

55-copy 56-copy

I also took a picture of introduction of cute Little Friends, but check this out by yourself in the museum!


Mini Gallery

They have stories about Kakao Friends products :3

There are various exhibitions on many different themes: Collaboration, color, etc…

First of all, the collaboration story!

58-copy 59-copy 60-copy

Collaboration with CGV and Coca Cola

61-copy 62-copy

Collaboration with New Era and TOMS!!

(Isn’t that TOMS box extremely cute…?)

63-copy 64-copy

Collaboration with THE FACE SHOP and 까스활명수(Kkaseu Hwalmyeongsu; Korean drinking digestive medicine brand)

What?! It was my first time to see Kakao Friends on this medicine.


I took some pictures…

OMG… I wanna have them all!!!

66-copy 67-copy 68-copy

Other than the collaboration, many Kakao Friends products were exhibited under the theme of COLOR, EXPRESSION, and WIT.

The color of the exhibition was so pretty.

There were many people taking photos of them


Here, it felt like I was in Kakao Friends Store rather than an exhibition



Shall we go have a look?

71-copy 72-copy

I couldn’t just pass by these Ryan dolls….


Especially these BIG GIANT Ryans….!!!!!!

It’s so cuuuuuute!


The end! of looking around cute CON LAB 🙂


After taking a photo with Tube, we went downstairs to Kakako Friends Museum store!

This was the end of the exhibition, and thank you for reading my reviews until now :3

(Once you’re in the store, it’s hard to enter the exhibition again, so I recommend you to go to the store after spending enough time at the exhibition)

# Kakao Friends Concept Museum Store


At the museum store, you can get a discount up to the ticket price.

I’m an adult, so I could get a 3000 won discount !!


On one side, lies a pretty Christmas tree and one of the Tube’s shoes 🙂

(Where did the other one go!)


Actually I thought there would be no difference from usual Kakao store.


They had exhibition goods *.*

79-copy 80-copy

It wasn’t childish, but simple as the concept was black & white, which made me want to buy them so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

81-copy 82-copy

Little Friends mouse pad and key chains…<3





Hand mirror, trash can, cup, ecobag, clothing, etc…

There were things from the usual store as well.

86-copy 87-copy

The most interesting one was Kakao Friends chocolate!!!!

Maybe I should buy one on the Valentine’s Day


On one wall, there are three-dimensional, popped out Kakao Friends, and this is the perfect place for taking photos!

Everyone was taking a photo here, almost mandatorily.


So I joined them as well <3


Oh by the way,

Tube is sad because he dropped his shoes hehe



The front and the back of the bag are different!

I left the museum with a souvenir in this cute yellow bag!!

# Honest Review of Kakao Friends Concept Museum


I recommend Hongdae Kakao Friends Museum for…

Who loves Kakao Friends!!

Who loves to take photos

Who loves something small and cute

Who is looking for a place to go on a date indoors

Who is looking for a place to visit with their children

One of the great things is that you can look around the museum pleasantly as the exhibition is only available for the ones who booked in advance, and the number of people who can enter in each hour is limited.

It took almost an hour for us to look around the exhibition, to take a lot of pictures and to spend some time at the store.

But if you don’t spend much time at each corner, 2-30 minutes will be enough to look around.

The admission fee was okay, as they lowered it to 3000 won and I also got a 3000 won discount at the store, but the original price 7000 won was kind of absurd.

I think 3000 won is a fair price for the exhibition, and I enjoyed it.

So I recommend this place for friends, couples, and families <3

The museum opens until 28th of May, 2017 so you still have plenty of time.

Hope you enjoy the place 🙂

How to Book Online?

PayPal or Bank Trasfer ➡

Choose the date and time of your visit on the webpage above, then you can pay for the ticket.

You can exchange your online tickets to paper tickets at the ticket box outside.