A place you can enjoy even on a rainy day: Jeju Rail Bike

Jeju Rail Bike

The weather can be very irregular in Jeju, so it is good to know what you can enjoy during rainy days here! 😀

On a stormy day, we went to try Jeju Rail Bike!

Rail Bike Stone

With Jeju rail bike, you can savor the natural landscape of places such as Yongnuni-oreum (Dragon Eye Mountain) or Darangshi-oreum (Wollang Peak).

Plus! The bike is covered with a transparent hood, so you can enjoy riding it regardless of the weather condition!

The bike has this interesting shape~ 😀

Covered Rail Bike

Also, when the weather is nice, you can even see cows grazing in the farm!

Many families come here with young children~

It is located in Gujwa-eup, Jeju-shi, so from the biking place you can see Yongnuni-oreum, Darangshi-oreum, Udo, SeongsanIlchulbong, and Susan Wind Plant!

Jeju Rail Bike

Operating Hours


The bike operates on an hourly basis. The rail park operates on rainy days, but may closed due to heavy rain or heavy snow.


Rail Bike Costs

Four-seater bike 48,000 won

Three-seater bike 40,000 won

Two-seater bike 30,000 won

Discounted Price: 11,250 won per pax

 ➡ You can book a discount ticket at Jeju Rail Bike Discount Ticket.



Weather in Jeju

Rail Bike

We were actually worried about the weather as it was raining heavily and windy.

However, we could proceed with our bike ride without any problem!

Jeju Rail Bike

Before entering, we could check what we would be seeing on the rail bike in advance by reading a course guide map 😀

Rail Bike

While we were waiting for the operation time, they told us that we could bring a snack with us on the bike, so we bought a grilled squid!

And my goodness… The squid was really good 😀

Rail Bike 2

The rail bike operates once every hour, and there is a waiting area with claw machines and many games!

We didn’t have time to feel bored while we were waiting for our bike!

Rail Bike 3   Rail Bike 4

The Rail Bike Journey

Finally on board!

There was only our group using the bike on the day, probably due to the rainy, windy weather.

However, we did see a huge line of high school students who came to ride the rail bike as part of their school trip, when we finished our ride 😀

Rail Bike 5

The messy hair is evidence to show you how  bad the weather was XD


Covered Rail Bike   Rail Bike 6

As I mentioned above, there is a transparent hood on each bike, so you can enjoy the rail park even on rainy days!

In the beginning, we were pedaling the bike really hard, but at some point, the bike could roll by itself 😀

I was worried at first if we would be required to pedal the bike through the whole course, but there is nothing to worry about! Elderly and young children are also able to comfortably enjoy the rail bike!

Rainy Day

Isn’t the scenery so tasteful, on a rainy day like this?

Jeju Rail Bike

We were listening to a list of recommended music for rainy days during our ride, and we were in a superb mood!! T_T

rails in jeju

Although I was a bit sad that we couldn’t savor the landscape to the fullest, I loved the romantic atmosphere of the experience! 😀

You’ll be briefed on the safety instructions when you first get on the bike, but you can also find the instructions written on the bike 😀

So it wasn’t dangerous at all!

View from the Rail Bike

Rail Bike 7   Rail Track 2

From this part onward, this is the view you can enjoy on the bike! 😀

On a railroad along an open field, you can see different sceneries as you look to your left and right!

The harmony of farms in the background, windmills, other rail bikes, and the cloudy sky is so beautiful, isn’t it?

Rail Bike 8

A cloudy day is charming in its own way, in my opinion 😀

On the way, you can see a directional board which tells you that Yongnuni-oreum is visible from the spot!

Rail Bike 9

Among many different oreums, Yongnuni-oreum is known to be the most beautiful with three craters!

Also, it is known for the clear view with nothing blocking its’ surrounding!

Rail Bike 01

Moreover, you can see Jeju’s distinctive tombs as well. The tombs are built by piling up thin stones!

I was told that this is one of the most distinguished sites you shouldn’t miss in Jeju!

Rail Bike 02

This is how you pedal on the bike ~

It looks like we were peddling but this was the part the bike rolled on its own! XP

Rail Track 1   Rail Bike 03

We came back to the starting point after finishing our course!

A row of pinwheels greeted us! 😀

Although we couldn’t see cows on this ride, I thought it was a great idea to come and enjoy this charming atmosphere.

Sheep    Rail Bike 04

There are various animals including sheep and rabbits on the way to the exit!

Rail Bike 07

This is a place you can print out the photos you took on the rail bike so you can take home with you great memories! 😀

Rail Bike Stone

Enjoy the lovely atmosphere on a rainy day, and the great landscape on a clear day!

It was a charming Jeju rail bike experience.


Jeju Rail Bike

Location – 641, Yongnuni-oreum-ro, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-shi, Jeju

Telephone – (+82) 64-783-0033