What vehicle type for private van should I hire?

Our system shows you which vehicle type for private van is available for your chosen journey. Please note that the vehicle types listed here may not be available for certain regions or type of trip.

You can choose your number of luggage and number of passengers down below. If your luggage exceeds the capacity of your vehicle choice, our system will detect and let you know with a warning. You can go back to change vehicle type.

 <Vehicle Type>

<4-seater Taxi>


♦ Maximum 4 passengers (4 seats)
♦ 4 medium luggage OR 1-2 large luggage
♦ Usually Kia K7 (modified for extra luggage) – sedan

<4-seater Premium Taxi>

♦ Maximum 4 passengers (4 seats)
♦ 4 medium luggage OR 2-3 large luggage
♦ Usually Ssangyong Chariman – Premium Sedan

<4-seater Van>


♦ Maximum 4 passengers (3 seats + 1 foldable seat)
♦ 4 large luggage or 10 medium luggage
♦ Usually modified Kia Carnival

∗ The foldable seats do not have headrests.
∗ Small Van is a specially modified van to mainly transfer goods. The last license given out to these vans was in 2001 so the Small Vans currently operating are at least 15 years old. If you need a new, clean vehicle, please book a Limo Van.

<7-seater Van>


♦ Maximum 7 passengers (5 seats + 2 foldable seats)
♦ 4 large luggage or 10 medium luggage
♦ Usually modified Kia Carnival or Hyundai Starex

∗ 7-seater Van’s storage space is similar with 4-seater Van, only slightly bigger. If all of your luggage is large size, you may have to carry some smaller ones on empty seats or on your lap.

<10-seater Van>


♦ Maximum 10 passengers (8 seats + 2 foldable seats)
♦ ZERO luggage space
♦ Usually Hyundai Starex

<10-seater Bus>


♦ Maximum 10 passengers (10 seats)
♦ 10 large luggage or 15 medium luggage
♦ Usually Ford Explorer

<10-seater Long Bus>

10-seater Long Bus10-seater Long Bus

♦ Maximum 14 passengers (10 seats + 4 foldable seats)
♦ 14 large luggage OR 20 medium luggage
♦ Usually Ford Transit High Top

<17-seater Bus>


♦ Maximum 20 passengers (17 seats + 3 folding seats)
♦ ZERO luggage space – use empty seats
♦ Usually Hyundai County

<24-seater Bus>


♦ Maximum 24 passengers (24seats)
♦ 9 Large luggage or 20 Small luggage
Usually Sunlong Duego 


<13-seater Bus>


♦ Option 1 : 13 seats + 12 large luggage or 20 small luggage
♦ Option 2 : 16 seats + 5 small luggage
♦ Usually Hyundai Solati

<13-seater Benz Bus>


♦ Option 1 : 13 seats + 8 large luggage or 20 small luggage
 Option 2 : 17 seats + 5 small luggage
Mercedez Benz Sprinter Premium

<44-seater Coach>


♦ Maximum 44 passengers (44 seats)
♦ 60 Large luggage
 Usually Hyundai Universe

* Driver’s English is more limited than smaller vehicles. Translation app can be used.

Coach cannot drive through narrow alleys. Please check your hotel or stopovers are on a major road.

Not recommended for Incheon Airport pickup as the bus has to wait in bus-parking-lot. You need to call the driver once you are ready to board and have to meet the bus at a special designated place. Up to 21 people, we recommend to use multiple 7-seater vans as it is cheaper and more convenient option.

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