Everland Shuttle Reservation For Buses

In July, we invited Ken Lee of Seoul State of Mind  to guest blog for us. His experience about Everland shuttle reservation is as below.*

Most tourists think that Everland is located within Seoul at a ‘accessible’ distance, but in fact it lies just on the outskirts in the city of YongIn.  Planning my journey to outside of Seoul is stressful enough let alone figuring out the intricate transport system network of Seoul.  What was awesome about this website ➡ (INDIWAY) was that it was a really ‘hassle-free’ procedure.

First, I visited the INDIWAY website and selected the ‘Out of Seoul~Everland’ option.


Secondly, I selected the ‘Hongdae 9.00am’ option as it was closest to my hotel.  This is the place where you would like to be picked up from so choose the place where it is nearest to your hotel.

Thirdly I chose the ticket type: ‘Shuttle Bus and Day Pass for adult’.  This gave me a return ticket to and from Everland, back to Hongdae.   I then selected the date in which I planned to go to Everland and since I had a travel partner I selected 2 tickets.  Easy peasy.

everlandhow1Checkout Process

At the checkout ensure I double checked the package details that I have selected.  Since they were correct I proceeded to the checkout and filled out my personal and card details.  What’s a bonus about this website is that it also accepts paypal as payment!

Once I received the voucher and guide for the shuttle bus I followed the directions to the bus stop from Hongdae subway station  which was also attached to the email.  A group of us then met and greeted the guide by the bus stop and hopped on the bus.


During the journey the bus stopped twice to collect passengers from City Hall and Dongdaemun and then headed straight out to Everland (about 1 hour travel). On busy days, it seems the bus travels directly to Everland from Hongdae or City Hall.

As soon as we arrived the bus stopped at parking lot 5 and we all then transferred to the Resort shuttle bus which took us directly to the entrance of Everland.  After a short 5 minute ride the tour guide purchased and gave us our tickets at the group ticket office and went straight off to have a great time in Everland.  However one key point was to remember to arrive back at the parking lot 5 by 6.30pm.

*Click here to see how Ken spent his day at Everland ! *

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Everland Discount Ticket INDIWAY

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Everland Shuttle Bus & Discount Ticket Package INDIWAY

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Everland Shuttle Bus Ticket Reservation INDIWAY


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